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Authentication in React Native with Expo Router 2 and Supabase

Aug 09 2023

Introduction React Native has emerged as a powerful and efficient framework for building cross-platform apps. One critical aspect of any app's functionality is user authentication, ensuring that the right users access the right resources securely. In...

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Setting Up Android Development Builds for Expo Projects in Linux

Jul 18 2023

Expo is a powerful platform that simplifies the development process for building cross-platform mobile applications using React Native. It provides an easy way to develop, test, and deploy mobile apps without the need for complex configuration. In th...

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Using Supabase authentication in NestJs

Jul 08 2023

Not too long ago I decided to write my backend authentication code for an application I was building. Authentication in NestJs is less of a hassle as it uses the popular easy-to-use passport.js library, which is pretty solid when working with authent...

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How To Send Emails Using Nest.js, Nodemailer, SMTP, Gmail, and OAuth2

Feb 13 2023

Sending emails with Gmail API used to be much less of a hassle with the not-too-good old "enable less secure app access" of Google account settings which allow the use of a Gmail username and password to authenticate Gmail API for sending emails, it'...

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Refresh Token rotation in Next.js using Auth.js

Jan 27 2023

Introduction In React applications, user authentication can be quite daunting to implement, as it doesn't come with all the features required of a single-page application, well it's a library, not a framework. It comes with a limited set of features,...

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Refresh Token rotation in NestJS JWT authentication

Dec 22 2022

When creating server-side applications one of the things that come up in the early stages of development is authentication. Setting up a proper authentication can be quite daunting, you've got to decide how you secure your API properly, the strategy ...